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7/11/2017 – REU Students join the McCutcheon Lab

Two REU students, Qudus Lawal (University of Illinois Chicago) and Sean Penrose (Rutgers) have joined the McCutcheon Lab for the summer to work on characterizing new membranes from Mattershift, a startup company based in New York, NY.

12/02/16 – Story about Jian Ren hits CBE website

A story about the recent awards of Senior Graduate Student Jian Ren posted on the UConn CBE website.


Graduate Student Jian Ren Wins NAMS Student Fellowship and AIChE Research Award



09/30/16 – Jian Ren Places 2nd in Three Minute Thesis

UConn’s 3-minute thesis (3MT) program challenges PhD students to talk about their thesis work in a short timeframe to a general audience. This “pitch” style defense program forces students to think about how their thesis impacts the broader world and to describe that impact in terms that all will understand.  Jian Ren, a senior PhD student in the McCutcheon Lab, competed with 15 other finalists in the program and placed 2nd for her talk on the worldwide water crisis and how her work in forward osmosis technology could help alleviate some of those problems.  Congratulations!



09/29/16 Lingling Xia wins Poster Award at ECI

Lingling Xia won a graduate student poster award at the ECI meeting on Cork, Ireland.  Her poster described her work on osmotic heat engines using trimethylamine draw solutions.  The work is in collaboration with Forward Water Technologies and Idaho National Laboratories.


09/14/16 Presentations at ECI meeting in Cork, Ireland a success

9/14/2016 – Jeff McCutcheon and Lingling Xia traveled to Cork, Ireland for the Engineering Conference International: Advanced Membrane Technology VII meeting. Lingling presented work on osmotic heat engines using trimethylamine draw solutions and Jeff presented Jian Ren’s work on hollow fiber membranes.



08/23/16 McCutcheon Lab site once again under construction

Thank you all for coming to my lab’s website.  After a hiatus, the website is once again under construction and being updated.  Please check back periodically to see our most recent updates.