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Maqsud R. Chowdhury

Maqsud R. Chowdhury

Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate

Member Since August 2012


2011     B.S. Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

2015     M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut



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  Formal protrait
Casual portrait Being a son of a military person, I had the chance to live in new and cool places and make good friends back in my home country, Bangladesh. I completed my high school and college at Mirzapur Cadet College and fell in love with basketball and volleyball there. Then, I did my BS CHEG in 2011 from BUET and joined Chevron Bangladesh in April of the same year. I like playing all sorts of sports and it does not matter whether I am good at it or not :). I love playing world of tanks (PC) as well. Often, I go for hiking at various places in Northeast USA and whenever I go to a conference. And, obviously, who does not love research!!!

Talking about research, I have worked on developing a new method to test recovery behavior of challenging impaired waters, and developed a mathematical model of how simultaneous heat and mass transfer effect overall osmotic performance of a polymeric membrane. I have moved onto making novel forward osmosis (FO) membranes using commercial grade nanofibers as a support material which was really fun to do. I gained a lot of experience when I was tasked to make a pilot scale skid of a FO-RO coupled system. Currently, I am teaching my undergrad student to operate it. The final piece of my PhD is developing a method to make polyamide films which are substrate independent, self-supported, and defect free so that fundamental characterization could be performed such as permeance, cross-link density, diffusivity etc. SOUNDS FUN, RIGHT?????