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Organic Solvent NF work published in collaboration with Fraunhofer

Graduate student Lingling Xia has published her work on inorganic-organic TFC membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration.  This work, done in collaboration with Marcus Weyd at Fraunhofer CEI, involves conducting traditional interfacial polymerization onto high quality Fraunhofer IKTS ceramic ultrafiltration support layers.  These membranes demonstrate high solvent permeance with the ability to reject small molecular weight compounds.


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McCutcheon Chosen to Lead Fraunhofer CEI

Jeffrey McCutcheon was selected to lead the Fraunhofer USA Center for Energy Innovation at the University of Connecticut.  Since APril 2017, McCutcheon has been restructuring the center to be launched as a center on applied membrane technology focused on industrially relevant separations.  The Center will serve all industries that have separations needs. The Center is closely partnered with Fraunhofer IKTS in Germany, who is a world leader in ceramic and inorganic membrane technology for liquid and gas separations.


Former Visiting Scholar from Brazil Publishes work on Ethanol Removal

Alan Ambrosi, a PhD student from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, published his work on removing ethanol from dilute ethanol water solutions in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Titled “Transport of Components in the Separation of Ethanol from Aqueous Dilute Solutions by Forward Osmosis”, the work explores the transport mechanisms of water-ethanol mixtures across forward osmosis membranes. The goal of such a process would be to remove alcohol from any beer in hopes of making a variety of non-alcoholic beers through a diafiltration type process.  The work was done in collaboration with Alan’s advisor, Professor Isabel Cristina Tessaro from the same University.  

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Former UConn Undergrad Publishes Work

Malgorzata Chwatko (’16) published her work on norepinephrine modified thin film composite membranes for forward osmosis in the journal Desalination (  This work was done in collaboration with Jason Arena (Ph.D., ’15).  Ms. Chwatko is now attending the University of Texas at Austin working in Nathaniel Lynd’s group (, @at_lynd)


Collaborative work with Brazil Published

Collaborative work using forward osmosis (FO) to remove alcohol from beer has been published in the I&EC Research (   This work shows how ethanol can be removed from alcoholic solutions through FO and studies the fundamentals of transport of both water and ethanol through commercial FO membranes.  Congratulations Alan (our visiting scholar) for getting this work into print!



ICOM 2017 News

Three members from the McCutcheon Lab attended the ICOM 2017 meeting in San Francisco, CA, in July 2017.  Jian Ren, Lingling Xia, and Maqsud Chowdhury all presented their work as oral presentations at the meeting.  Maqsud Chowdhury won a student poster award during the poster session.  Congratulations!

Overdue post about Recent PhD Dr. Jian Ren

Graduation News: Dr. Jian Ren graduated with her PhD from the University of Connecticut this past May.   Her thesis focused on hollow fiber TFC membranes for forward osmosis.  She currently works at AbbVie, a pharmaceutical company located in Massachusetts.  She also presented her work at ICOM 2017 in San Francisco, CA in July.

7/11/2017 – REU Students join the McCutcheon Lab

Two REU students, Qudus Lawal (University of Illinois Chicago) and Sean Penrose (Rutgers) have joined the McCutcheon Lab for the summer to work on characterizing new membranes from Mattershift, a startup company based in New York, NY.

12/02/16 – Story about Jian Ren hits CBE website

A story about the recent awards of Senior Graduate Student Jian Ren posted on the UConn CBE website.


Graduate Student Jian Ren Wins NAMS Student Fellowship and AIChE Research Award



09/30/16 – Jian Ren Places 2nd in Three Minute Thesis

UConn’s 3-minute thesis (3MT) program challenges PhD students to talk about their thesis work in a short timeframe to a general audience. This “pitch” style defense program forces students to think about how their thesis impacts the broader world and to describe that impact in terms that all will understand.  Jian Ren, a senior PhD student in the McCutcheon Lab, competed with 15 other finalists in the program and placed 2nd for her talk on the worldwide water crisis and how her work in forward osmosis technology could help alleviate some of those problems.  Congratulations!