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CHEG 4989      Introduction to Research Offered Spring and Fall 1 – 6 Undergraduate Research Course.  In this course, undergraduate students will work alongside graduate students and post-docs and conduct graduate level research.  Students will be expected to provide deliverable based on a schedule, manage their project,  present to the group, and provide regular updates to the instructor on request.  Exceptional performers will be financially supported to travel to national and international meetings to present their research.  Also offered as an honors course with conversion
ENGR 1166
Foundations of Engineering
Offered Spring only  3 Introductory topics in a for all engineering majors.  This is an experiential learning based design course with gamified elements.   This course satisfies the ENGR 1166 for all majors, though it may only be available to specific majors depending on the year.  Also offered as an honors section.
ENGR 4995/5335  Membrane Separations Offered Fall every other year 3 Introduction to membrane separations processes. Topics covered include membrane transport, membrane materials and formation, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultra filtration, microfiltration and gas separations.  The class includes course projects that cover additional membrane processes including but not limited to pervaporation, forward osmosis, electrodialysis, and gas-liquid contactors.
CHEG 5399
Independent Study
Fall & Spring


1-3 Graduate Research Course.  All graduate students take this course during their research.