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Current Members

Grad 5

Jian Ren

Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate

Thin film composite membrane design and fabrication

Member since January 2012




Grad 4

Maqsud R. Chowdhury

Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate

Development of hybrid dead-end cross-flow system to purify oilfield produced water
Thermal energy as a means to enhance forward osmosis process: principle,modelling & performance
Commercial nanofiber nonwoven as a support for thin film composite membrane for forward osmosis

Pilot scale demonstration of combined forward osmosis reverse osmosis process to treat municipal waste water

Member Since August 2012



Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate

New draw solutions for forward osmosis and osmotic heat engines (New draw solutions for FO and closed loop PRO applications)

Member Since September 2014





Chemical Engineering, Masters Student

Electrospray Deposition of Nanoscale Aromatic Polyamide and Zwitterionic Thin Films

Member Since August 2017





Chemical Engineering, Masters Student

iCVD modified electrospun nanofibers for membrane distillation

Member Since September 2015






Undergraduate Student

Pilot-scale hybrid forward and reverse osmosis system

Member Since 2016