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Facilities & Instrumentation

Our laboratory is outfitted with cutting edge membrane fabrication and testing equipment.

Membrane Testing Equipment

4 customized membrane contactor systems with exchangeable test cells (used for FO and MD)


1 customized membrane contactor system designed for slurries

1 customized membrane contactor system designed for use with solvents

1 customized membrane contactor system with optional hydraulic pressure (used for PRO and PAFO)

3 dead end filtration cells

2 Reverse osmosis systems

Access to 2 additional RO and FO contactor systems that are used in the undergraduate laboratory

Reverse osmosis element testing rig

Forward osmosis element testing rig


Membrane distillation element testing rig



Membrane Fabrication

3 electrospinning systems


3-inch tube furnace with attached gases and steam options

Hand casting of integrated asymmetric and TFC membranes

Hollow fiber spinning system



Supporting Equipment

Formlabs 3D Printer


MiliQ Water System


Access to Research Center and Facilities

Institute of Materials Science

Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering