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Jian Ren

Jian Ren

Chemical Engineering, PhD Candidate

Member Since January 2012


2007 – 2011     B.S. Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, Sichuan University, China



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DSC03911 Jian was born in Chengde, a city located in  northeast China. She spent 14 years there before attending Yaohua High School in Tianjin City, China. In 2007, she attended the Sichuan University where she majored in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering. While completing her undergraduate degree, Jian was active conducting research in the membrane field. Her research focused on the synthesis of pH-sensitive copolymers and the development of hollow fiber membranes using  functional copolymers. With a strong passion in membrane research, she decided to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut.

At UConn, Jian currently works on developing and optimizing hollow fiber membranes for osmotic processes using experimental and computational methods. She built a hollow fiber spinning system and developed thin film composite hollow fibers to enable their use in forward osmosis (FO). Alongside experimental work, she also built a computational model to simulate FO processes in hollow fiber modules to optimize the design and operation parameters of hollow fibers. She is broadly interested in topics such as membrane fabrication, polymer synthesis and characterization, and water technology for the developing world.

Outside of the lab, Jian enjoys working out in the gym, and playing badminton and basketball (she is a fan of the UConn Huskies). She also loves cooking, karaoke, traveling and going to the BEACH!