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Nicole Beauregard

Nicole Beauregard


Masters Student

Member since September 2015


2015      B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut


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Nicole was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts and chose to move states to attend UConn to complete her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. During her undergraduate career, she worked with Dr. Mustain on improving the anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

After graduating in 2015, Nicole returned to UConn for her masters degree. Her research focuses on modifying electrospun nanofiber membranes for application in membrane distillation. Electrospun membranes have many of the desired characteristics of a good MD membrane, however, many of the more easily spun fibers are hydrophilic and not viable for the process. Initiated chemical vapor deposition is (iCVD) then used to render these hydrophilic fibers hydrophobic, so they can be viable for MD. Nicole is co-advised by Dr. McCutcheon and Dr. Burkey.

Outside of the lab, Nicole is an AVID Boston sports fan and is always willing to talk about the Bruins, Patriots, or Red Sox. She also enjoys playing sports, watching the newest Marvel movies, and binge watching shows on Netflix.